Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The Roberts family got all dressed up for Halloween on Saturday for the Ward's Trunk or Treat.

J and I were dressed as ....lined paper. Duh. And Will was the cutest little dinosaur who ever got hold of a binky. He even joined in the parade of costumes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Will's 8 Month Highlights

First, the much anticipated "Fang" picture.....

They are small, but they are definitely there. And as they get bigger, they will look better I'm sure.

So Will is one month older, and to celebrate, we lowered the level of his mattress in his crib. He had started to pull himself up onto things, so we decided it was probably best to lower his mattress from the high infant setting to the lower toddler level.

And since Will is getting around more, we've discovered the "Busted" face that he gets when he's caught getting into something. Like the other day...

Bath time is as much fun as it ever was. Will loves his baths....

And after his bath, Will gets his nails clipped.Most babies have to wait until they are asleep to have their nails clipped. And you'd think that with our wiggly little boy, we'd have to sedate him. But he sits very still and watches while J clips his nails.

This last is a slideshow of "Fun with Dad"

All Our Love!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

And We're Back!

So, it's been a while I know. A lot has happened, but our internet has been sketchy and our computer on the fritz. So the posts have had to wait.

First, my grandparents came to visit. My wonderful Grandmother and Grandfather Freundlich drove down to Austin to visit with us and meet little Will. We stayed in Austin that weekend and my grandparents put us up in the most amazing hotel - The Renaissance Hotel in the Arboretum. The Arboretum is this lovely area in central Austin where nature is the thing. Trees and walkways - it's beautiful. So we got a little vacation and a chance to hang out with family and I only did a few embarrassing redneck things that belied my true economic status.

While they were visiting, my grandmother passed on to me her grandmother's Bible. It is truly a treasure. She pasted newspaper clippings in it with birth, marriage, and death records of family members. My favorite thing we found in it was a ration book from World War II with the ration stamps still in it. She must have had it left over after the war.

Also, during the long drought of blog posts, J and I were in the Stake Musical. It was called "I Remember It Well" and it was a collection of scenes from famous musicals that depict the stages of your life. It began with "Getting To Know You" with little kids and moved to "Hard Knock Life" then on to later in life with an old couple singing "I Remember It Well." J and I represented the couple about to get married and have a family. We sang about our dreams and how it would all be. We sang "When the Children Are Asleep" from Carousel. We had a lot of fun and I would put video of it on the blog, but I think J was serious when he threatened to leave me if I did. Better not risk it.

To update on the family, J is doing great at school. He's handling the pressure of tests well and is working really hard. The other day in his clinical rotation, he numbed a patient's mouth. That means he had to give to injections. While I think that's gross and scary, he thought it was amazing and felt lucky. Funny how life is.

Will has refused to actually crawl but can now get around faster scooting and doing his little inch worm maneuver. We've seen a little wave action, but mostly he saves them for old ladies at the grocery store. He of course still has his two bottom teeth that came in a while back, but now his upper lateral incisors are coming in too. Which means he'll make a good "Fang" for Halloween. He looks hilarious. As of yet they are still too small to be caught on film, and his mouth is too sensitive to let anyone touch it, but believe me, as soon as we can get photographic evidence of this for future blackmailing - it's going on the blog.

My life is relatively boring. I cook, clean, watch Will, and listen to J talk about the anatomy they learned that day - like gubernaculum - and act interested. (Be warned if you wikipedia that term. Grosser than you can imagine.) I have some pretty exciting things coming down the road though and as soon as they are definite, the blogosphere will at least be in the top 5 to know!

Here is Will's 7 month slideshow I put together a long time ago. But now it's fun that you get his 8 month pictures so soon! (hopefully in just a few weeks)

All Our Love!