Monday, January 7, 2008

We're Back

We're back in the swing of things after an enjoyable and much-needed break. We spent part of the holidays with each side of the family and made lots of fun memories.

William now has five more (long) flights under his belt—starting with several to get us to Boise to see my family. It was great to see my parents and siblings after so long. We had a wonderful time with everyone, and so did William. He crawled everywhere we would let him (including up the stairs) and took advantage of all the space there was to explore. It was great to see him interact with everyone. As always, he laid on the charm and did his best to be the center of attention. We'll post some video of him once we finish unpacking everything...

Once we were back in Texas we stayed with Mikail's family in their new house north of Austin. They are getting settled now and things are working out well for them. It was fun to see William pushing his cars around on the floor while trying to imitate engine sounds. The rest of us were either busy wearing ourselves out on Wii Sports or trying to catch up on some rest afterward.

And now for perhaps the greatest news of all...Mikail was accepted to St. Mary's Law School here in San Antonio! She was accepted to their evening program that allows her to attend classes just four nights a week and still finish in four years. After much prayerful consideration, we're all very excited for this new opportunity and challenge. I know that Mikail will certainly be equal to the task.

We're glad to be back home and look forward to another exciting year for our family. We'll have more news and pictures soon.