Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year)

Merry Christmas everyone!  Here are a few pictures of William on Christmas morning.

When William saw the Lightning McQueen toy he instantly fell in love. It was fun for us to see how much fun he had with all the cars, trains and books that he received from family. We had to space out his gift-opening moments so that he could enjoy them all. I think seeing him open gifts was one of the best parts of the day. Will also got to talk to his uncle Bryce (Elder Tobin) with the rest of the family. It was a great day.

Best wishes to all, M/J/W

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Out with William

Hello again everyone. At the close of another semester for both of us we thought we'd share some of our experiences from the last few weeks.

William LOVES going outside. For whatever reason. Whenever he hears us say the word "outside" he runs to the door and says "Plsss, Plsss" (his version of please), often making the sign for please at the same time. It is surprisingly easy to get him to put on a coat since he quickly learned that coats usually mean a trip out of the house. Here are a few pictures of one such trip to a park not far from home. William probably would have stayed all day if he could.

Another outing we went on just a few days ago was to Sea World here in San Antonio. At Christmas they even put on a few special shows just for the season. Will's favorites were Shamu (no surprise) and the kid's play area (where once again he would have been perfectly content to stay for the entire day). We have to admit we could probably spend the whole day just watching him have the time of his life. Here are a few memories from the trip on Saturday.

P.S. Here's a quick clip of Will and his friends throwing themselves on the ground and loving every minute. Imagine a 2 minute loop of this video and you'll have a pretty good idea of how their afternoon went. We love these crazy kids.