Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Funny Boys

We love our funny boys!!

William turned 4 this last week. He was 42 inches tall and 40 lbs. He has big feet and still has abnormally large hands, but he's so healthy and funny - and the things that come out of his mouth are hilarious.

Today, we decided to watch Snow White (good Sunday flick I guess) and William asked me what Snow White's powers were.

Me: Singing - I guess.
William: Oh right. Then she is going to have some apple and fall asleep (lays his head down on his hands.) Then the new different prince (I guess he has not made the connection with the earlier one - who can blame him? - the animation is not great) is going to use his kissing powers to wake her up. I guess he's going to have to use his powers every day. (rolls his eyes like "poor guy.") So then Snow White is going to go live with the 7 Doors and the animals will help her.

We are having conversations like this all the time. I know that when I recount our conversations my part is always like "umm" or "well" but I'm always so surprised by what comes out of his mouth.

When he got his birthday package from Meemie and Papa, William loved the neminems (M&Ms) and he asked me is he could "eat them - all of them." It's his birthday right? So he did. By the handful. He has a way of eating food like a wood-chipper. Just holds a handful of his food to his mouth until he can fit it all in. (We're working on it.) Anyhoo, this is the result. He loved them. Thanks Meemie and Papa!

Wesley is his own kind of fun. He is such a sweet kid. He is always smiling and is so helpful. He goes and gets his clothes so I can get him dressed and always find my phone for me. Seriously - he's helpful. Today at church he was pilfering through another young mom's diaper bag (we have an open diaper bag policy in our ward. Informal of course, but if it's on the ground anyone else is welcome to come pilfering through it if it will help to keep them occupied) and Wesley found a small baby doll. His reverence for the thing was hilarious. He gently picked it up and then mashed it against his chest and face in the most intense hug. He did it so hard he was shaking. Then proceeded to kiss the thing until it was pretty much wet all over its face. Apologetically I told the other mom I was sorry - I had not expected him to react that way. We don't have any doll-type toys. But she was sweet and just laughed.

Of course, this was after Wes fell off the stairs this morning and I was tracking down the med students in our ward to ask them the symptoms of a concussion. Yikes. (I know that Jared knows - but wives of doctors sometimes don't believe them. See - we knew them before they were doctors.) But I think we're in the clear.

Other than that - we are surviving school. Jared is up against WREB and Mock WREB which are his licensing exams and I am working on finishing my last formal semester in law school. We head up to Lincoln during our Spring Break in a few weeks to do some house hunting and have a little getaway from our stress here.

I leave you with this picture of the boys. It was freezing and Wes was giving a little attitude. Wes is only cranky when he's cold. PS. Its currently 28 degrees in Lincoln. Aren't they cute?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

While I have a few minutes...

I am sitting in a boring class - that can only be made more boring by the lecturer we are currently enjoying. So I thought I would include a few pictures of our recent doings. Here are some pictures that was had taken over the holidays. I think the one of William really captures him, but I'm not sure we ever really got one that looked like Wes to me. But here they are anyway.
They are cute. If I find myself in another boring class (which is a solid bet), I will post some video of the boys. They are hilarious and make us laugh all the time.

All our love!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Pictures

We hope you all are enjoying another wonderful holiday season. We finally got our act together and took some family pictures that have us all together. We hope to share more of them with you soon. Thankfully we were able to get a few before lips got too blue and noses got too drippy...

Things at the Roberts house are exciting as always. Both boys keep us laughing, and the challenges life throws our way keep us holding on to one another. What a blessing it is to have shoulders to lean on and situations to laugh at. Thankfully our cars have proved useful lately at providing the latter. How we love transmissions and starters :)

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We were so glad to have family and friends to share the day with and experiences we can remember. Thanks to all those who joined in on the fun (including the nail-biter football game on Saturday).

We are grateful for our family both near and far and for our wonderful friends. Thank you for your love and support. Our best holiday wishes to you all.

J&M + boys

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yes, honey

While doing the bedtime routine the other night:

William: Mom, what does Jesus do?
Me: Well, He loves you and wants you to be happy. He also made it so we can be together forever.
W: But Mom, what does He DO?
M: Um, well... what do you think He does?
W: (very matter of factly) He helps us wait for marshmallows.
M: Yes, honey. He does.

He is referring to this video we watched for FHE more than a month ago.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pictures of our wonderful boys in their Halloween costumes having a wonderful time. We love these two guys so much.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Boy

Happy First Birthday Wesley!

A few weeks ago we celebrated Wesley's first birthday, and here are a few highlights from his special day. We're so proud of our little man :)

Also we thought we'd post some pictures from our recent visit to the local corn maze/pumpkin patch in honor of the fall season. We asked Will to smile and he went the extra mile with his cheesiest grins ever. He enjoyed holding the map with clues as we tried to keep from getting completely lost in the maze. Thanks Jim and Marlaine for joining in on the fun.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Weekend!

Jared and I spent a fabulous weekend celebrating our 5th Anniversary at a resort here in San Antonio. My parents came and watched the boys for us so we could relax. There just isn't a better gift than that. I will admit to missing the boys desperately by the time we got home early Monday morning, but it was a nice break.

For all the people who have been calling and been so thoughtful to us: Thursday morning I woke up with severe chest pains. I couldn't breathe so Jared called 911 and I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. And since I didn't die of the chest pains, or the embarrassment of leaving my close little quiet neighborhood in my super flattering pajamas strapped to a gurney with the ambulance all loud and lights blazing, I figure I can survive anything. The doctors in the ER were understandably nervous considering my history of open heart surgery and so decided to keep me overnight for observation. (It was at this point that I had an epiphany. Always keep your phone charged. Always keep a copy of your insurance in your purse. Know where your purse is. Know where your phone is in case you need to call 911. Buy cuter pajamas.) So Thursday night I stayed at the hospital and my parents just came down a day early so Jared could make it to school Friday. I was released Friday after some more testing and they found I had a viral infection in my heart. Symptoms can present like a heart attack - which seemed to be my situation.

Although this is long it is the short version and ultimately I'm fine. Doctors said to take it easy which I did all weekend! And I had a blast! So thank you everyone for your phone calls and your offers to help. You're wonderful.

Another explanation to clarify an earlier post: Jared decided to specialize and become a periodontist. (Mostly dental surgeries that involve the gums, bone grafting, and implants. Gross. But inexplicably, he loves it...) We had a whirlwind summer doing applications and then quickly making plans to interview all over the country. One of Jared's top choices was Nebraska, and as soon as he got into Lincoln he called me to tell me he already loved it. He interviewed and loved the program there. We had some previous offers and we were lucky enough to get another offer there before the day was over, and accepted about that fast. We felt so good we knew it was right.

Sooooo.... that means that I need to be done with school sooner than we originally thought. I'm taking 18 credits this semester, 18 credits next semester, 3 credits over Christmas in Phoenix, and I'll be ready to take the bar this summer. Jared and I will both graduate in May 2011. Whew. What a year it's going to be! I'm so excited. It just feels like a fun challenge.