Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tigger Fan

I found the original great Pooh movie. You know the one we loved growing up with "Pooh Gets Stuck" and "Tut Tut, It Looks Like Rain." Jared and I had so much fun watching it with him. We also discovered that Will is a fan of Tigger. We got his reaction here. (Please excuse the dirty lunch table behind him. He got chicken nugget pieces everywhere!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summer Recap et al.

So here it is. What we've all been waiting for. Today, little Will is not feeling well. Coughs and a runny nose are the worst we've seen so far, but we can tell. He's just not our same active little guy. Here he is watching a movie and having some popcorn. I'll do anything I can to get him to take it easy right now. Lately he's been interested in adult snacks - like chips and salsa and artichoke dip, and apparently... popcorn.

Our summer was awesome! We moved to a cute neighborhood nearer the Medical Center with one more bedroom, lots more space and a yard. Moving was a hassle, but no more so than any other move. It had its difficulties. Jared was in Brownsville doing an externship for the last 2 weeks before we actually moved which meant I joined the legions of wives who basically do it all. Jared was an enormous help when he could be and helped to unpack. Once we unpacked we had a House Warming Party with lots of our friends (the ones who were still here). It was very fun.

We also had the opportunity to have a reunion of family members from the Tobin side. Bryce got his mission call to the Idaho Boise Mission and so everyone came to see him and support him and say "See Ya Later!" Family came from Arizona, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. Of course, we loved seeing everyone! We played at the pool, played the Wii and got to catch up. Here are some photos from the visit. Please notice the awesome Wii Bowling action.

Then we rushed back to San Antonio to head to Utah for the 4th of July. Well, we actually flew into Boise and then drove to Utah. We got to see Brandon and Melody before they had their whirlwind summer of weddings, cruises, traveling, and moving. Will handled the plane ride so well people were commenting to themselves as they left, "Gosh, I didn't even know there was a baby sitting there..." He's pretty much awesome.

(unless you'd like to hear a long story, skip the next part)

When we got back we spent some more time in Austin maxin' and relaxin' (thanks Fresh Prince) and then we rushed home for Jared to start school to find out our air conditioner was broken. And it was Saturday. We knew our landlord was not going to do anything about it til Monday. We toughed it out til Sunday night when we started to worry for William. Jared went to go to the store to buy some fans, and on his way home, his car overheated. He drove home going about 5 mph which is fine since it was a little after midnight.

Monday morning we woke up and decided to go to Denny's to have breakfast since we couldn't stand being in the hot house another second. When we got in the van we realized that it stunk. Horribly. At which time we realized that we left a gallon of milk in the car and it had spoiled and the car. So after Denny's, we went straight to the detail place to get the carpet cleaned. Then we dropped off Jared's car at the mechanic and found out our landlord would not be able to fix our air conditioner til Tuesday. So... we got to stay at a hotel. That was a good ending to a couple of Jonah-days.

So between car repairs, spilled milk and 102 degree temperatures in our house, we were glad for school to finally start for Jared. He is still loving school although it is harder, he says. He is learning about dentures and crowns and other things which I'm sure he can explain in detail if you ask him. I have started school as well, and I love it! I'm actually surprised by how much I like it. We were worried at first about making everything work with our schedules, but it is working really well. We have people helping us, and it requires more preparation than before, but it's going really well - better than we could have imagined. Here's my guy.
Will has had some interesting phases lately. No real talking yet, but he jabbers all the time. He has had a huge growth spurt and is hungry always. Here is a picture of him eating. He is eating a hot dog bun that got left out all night. It is hard as a rock. He ate the whole thing. So I decided we needed to have more food around for him.

He still is always scavenging for food. Here is a picture of him after he pulled down a papertowel on which cookies covered in powered sugar were cooling. They ended up all over him and crumbled all over the floor. It's a good thing we love him so much. How can you be mad at that face? And we've learned our lesson. He can now reach the kitchen counter.

So that's basically our summer - recapped. Until next time,

All Our Love