Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We don't have any fun pictures from Thanksgiving like everyone else. But we did have a great time! As an example of the true perversity of life, my parents now own (almost!) two houses and are living in a one-bedroom apartment. The explanation is that they are trying to sell their house in Dallas while simultaneously putting the finishing touches on their new house in Austin. This meant that for Thanksgiving with the folks it was my parents, my brother, and the three Roberts all in a one-bedroom apartment. We had a really good time (no sarcasm, seriously!) My mom didn't have all her Thanksgiving dinner equipment (pots, pans, etc.) since they are between places, so we did what we could, and the rest we bought. And it was great. We had the best BBQ in Texas the night before at Rudy's and then on Thanksgiving Day, when the temperature dropped thirty degrees, we stayed inside and played with Will. It was by far my most unconventional Thanksgiving, and for sure one of the most memorable (in a good way-I meant it!)

Other than that, we have been woefully delinquent in our blog posts and the reason is I'm doing some hand work on the side for a little money for Christmas. There is a ritzy Spa in Austin that is world famous (apparently, though I'd never heard of it) and it's a vacation spot for the well-to-do. They are re-decorating and paying people to crochet afghans for their rooms. This means of course that they have requested the colors and the pattern to match the rooms. And it's hideous. So who knows what the rooms look like. But if they will pay a pretty penny for afghans so ugly I wouldn't even buy them at a garage sale, then I say let the insanity continue. I have included a picture of my latest here for you with a close up so you can get the clear picture of what I'm having to look at day in and day out.
I also wanted to mention in passing that Will turned 9 months old over the Thanksgiving holiday and then went to the doctor the next week. He is 28.5 inches long, 21.25 pounds. I know that sounds like he's shrinking, but apparently they didn't measure him right last time. The doctor also listened politely to our pleas for something to do about his still not sleeping through the night, then our prayers were answered when he realized that Will probably has acid reflux. So he's on Prevacid and is a much happier baby I think.

I have included here pictures of Will that I have been meaning to post. For all the pictures, click here. Will had a rough time of it the day pictures were taken and Krista (who is amazing) did everything but back flips to get him to smile. These pictures are her work and for obvious reasons we'll be getting more pictures taken by her in the future.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The Roberts family got all dressed up for Halloween on Saturday for the Ward's Trunk or Treat.

J and I were dressed as ....lined paper. Duh. And Will was the cutest little dinosaur who ever got hold of a binky. He even joined in the parade of costumes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Will's 8 Month Highlights

First, the much anticipated "Fang" picture.....

They are small, but they are definitely there. And as they get bigger, they will look better I'm sure.

So Will is one month older, and to celebrate, we lowered the level of his mattress in his crib. He had started to pull himself up onto things, so we decided it was probably best to lower his mattress from the high infant setting to the lower toddler level.

And since Will is getting around more, we've discovered the "Busted" face that he gets when he's caught getting into something. Like the other day...

Bath time is as much fun as it ever was. Will loves his baths....

And after his bath, Will gets his nails clipped.Most babies have to wait until they are asleep to have their nails clipped. And you'd think that with our wiggly little boy, we'd have to sedate him. But he sits very still and watches while J clips his nails.

This last is a slideshow of "Fun with Dad"

All Our Love!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

And We're Back!

So, it's been a while I know. A lot has happened, but our internet has been sketchy and our computer on the fritz. So the posts have had to wait.

First, my grandparents came to visit. My wonderful Grandmother and Grandfather Freundlich drove down to Austin to visit with us and meet little Will. We stayed in Austin that weekend and my grandparents put us up in the most amazing hotel - The Renaissance Hotel in the Arboretum. The Arboretum is this lovely area in central Austin where nature is the thing. Trees and walkways - it's beautiful. So we got a little vacation and a chance to hang out with family and I only did a few embarrassing redneck things that belied my true economic status.

While they were visiting, my grandmother passed on to me her grandmother's Bible. It is truly a treasure. She pasted newspaper clippings in it with birth, marriage, and death records of family members. My favorite thing we found in it was a ration book from World War II with the ration stamps still in it. She must have had it left over after the war.

Also, during the long drought of blog posts, J and I were in the Stake Musical. It was called "I Remember It Well" and it was a collection of scenes from famous musicals that depict the stages of your life. It began with "Getting To Know You" with little kids and moved to "Hard Knock Life" then on to later in life with an old couple singing "I Remember It Well." J and I represented the couple about to get married and have a family. We sang about our dreams and how it would all be. We sang "When the Children Are Asleep" from Carousel. We had a lot of fun and I would put video of it on the blog, but I think J was serious when he threatened to leave me if I did. Better not risk it.

To update on the family, J is doing great at school. He's handling the pressure of tests well and is working really hard. The other day in his clinical rotation, he numbed a patient's mouth. That means he had to give to injections. While I think that's gross and scary, he thought it was amazing and felt lucky. Funny how life is.

Will has refused to actually crawl but can now get around faster scooting and doing his little inch worm maneuver. We've seen a little wave action, but mostly he saves them for old ladies at the grocery store. He of course still has his two bottom teeth that came in a while back, but now his upper lateral incisors are coming in too. Which means he'll make a good "Fang" for Halloween. He looks hilarious. As of yet they are still too small to be caught on film, and his mouth is too sensitive to let anyone touch it, but believe me, as soon as we can get photographic evidence of this for future blackmailing - it's going on the blog.

My life is relatively boring. I cook, clean, watch Will, and listen to J talk about the anatomy they learned that day - like gubernaculum - and act interested. (Be warned if you wikipedia that term. Grosser than you can imagine.) I have some pretty exciting things coming down the road though and as soon as they are definite, the blogosphere will at least be in the top 5 to know!

Here is Will's 7 month slideshow I put together a long time ago. But now it's fun that you get his 8 month pictures so soon! (hopefully in just a few weeks)

All Our Love!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Changes Every Day....



Will is growing so fast! He is already scooting all over the house. I had to bolt shut cabinets and baby proof things. Everyone told me I'd have a little longer before I had to do it all, and here we are - not even at 7 months. We've had a lot of fun though. Every day Will's personality comes out more and more. Here are two videos of some of the latest. The "Da-da" video shows the messiest corner of my house. The rest of it doesn't look like that, you'll just have to take my word for it. The second video is of Will scooting across our living room. Although our living room is not huge, he gets all the way across it in the video. We're having a blast. One quick picture of Will showing how he can sit up all on his own.

All Our Love!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Two Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary
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It's been the most wonderful 2 years of my life! I feel so lucky to have a husband who is so loving and faithful and my best friend!

I thought I might take a moment to tell the story of how we met. It was a blog fad there for a while but I didn't take the opportunity. Excuse the long-winded story, but I feel like I need to get it written down.

Neither Jared nor I can recall the very first time we set eyes on each other. It was far from love at first sight, because we were in the same ward for a year and a half before we started dating. The first time we spoke though is very clear. Jared was my apartment's hometeacher. He and his companion/roommate did not make the greatest impression, but after a few months we got to know them better. Jared was also coming out of a relationship (which in Provo means re-entering the land of the living.) We were hanging out with different crowds, but they occasionally crossed paths so we have pictures of us doing things like Jello Slip-n-Slide and playing in the snow long before we were ever dating (or even thinking about it!)
I took a class fall of 2004 that required I have a fake boyfriend. The details are not important, it was a marriage prep class. That should explain most of it. Anyway, I culd either get a fake boyfriend (the thought of which mortified me) or I could write a paper. So I could either knock doors and as for a boyfriend or write a paper. Never before had a paper seemed so appealing. Jared was visiting our apartment more often (being the good hometeacher he was) and overheard me telling a roommate about the fake boyfriend project. He volunteered. I'd like to say the rest is history, but actually the rest, for a while at least, was a mess!
We did the project for the required time, and then...not much. We have talked about it since and I think the problem was we didn't know how to make it real. It had been fake, and that's a weird transition. For a while we went our seperate ways - still hanging out pretty often, but always in groups. He started dating other people, I started dating other people and it looked for a while like it would only ever be fake.
A few weeks before finals, Jared start to hang out at our place A LOT more. And when I say A LOT - I mean he might as well have spent the night. He was friends with all of us but it seemed different. We did a few things together just the two of us, seemingly on accident, and I had a great time. He was dating someone though, so I didn't push it or talk about it.
Then one day he let me know that he wasn't dating anyone anymore. The next few days the mess resolved itself. I went home for Christmas and while we were apart we realized that we didn't want to be apart anymore. I flew back to Provo early for New Years and that night we had the "if we were to get married, when would that be" discussion. There were a few glitches because I had already committed to be in Washington DC all summer, but he was wonderfully supportive. We got married 2 weeks after I came home and we've never been a night apart since.
Looking back on the time we were friends then fake dated then were friends again, then really just pretty much got engaged, I am so happy with how it turned out. I'm so lucky that I was such good friends with Jared before we ever even thought of each other romantically. We saw each other through breakups and new relationships, through finals and other stressing situations. We knew how to have fun together and we had a bunch of friends that we will probably be close to forever! I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with him and face everything life brings us - hand in hand!

All Our Love!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will is 6 Months Old!

Six happy months with the cutest boy ever...man, are we lucky. This month we had quite a few firsts. Will rolled over, then back over. He cut his first tooth Aug 11th and then another today actually. He has also started making "ba-ba-ba" sounds which is so cute. Solid foods are a big "swing-and-a-miss." Will could not be less interested, so we'll see how that goes this next month. At his doctor's appointment today he was 19 lbs. 1 oz. and a marvelous 31 in. long!
Last night for the FIRST time ever... Will slept through the night! It was truly a miracle. Getting up three times a night for 7 months (Will's 6 months plus the last one from my pregnancy) is a bit much for me. I know of moms who do it for like 20 years and never complain and they love it, but I don't. I love my son, but I will be able to love him so much more when I'm not seeing double.
Anyway, click here for the pictures from this month. I usually try to pick out a few, but this month it ballooned into over 50 pictures, so I won't put them in a slideshow. Also, I'm attaching the captions to explain the pictures. If for some reason you don't see them click the "hide captions" button twice (it's a lovely little glitch). Hope to hear from you all, and please feel free to leave your comments!
All Our Love!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

101 Things You May Not Know About Jared

Because our anniversary is coming up, and because I was inspired by another's idea, I've decided to help everyone get to know Jared a little better. This is an incredibly long post, so please be warned. Yes, I did come up with 101 things about Jared, and I know as soon as I post this I'll come up with more that are better, but we'll just have to save those for next year! Jared has already seen all these and had line-item veto power (which he did not exercise.) Hopefully you will learn a few things about Jared and why I love him so much!

1. He got a 33 on his ACT and was really disappointed with himself. He wanted a 36.
2. He constantly asks me questions, for which I could not possibly know the answers. For instance “what’s going to happen now?” in a movie neither of us has seen.
3. Jared says the first time he thought I was cute it was because of the shoes I was wearing.
4. He won’t let me throw those ratty old shoes out. He even had his sister mail them back to us when I left them at her house accidentally. (so embarrassing)
5. He sets two alarms with no real intention of getting up to the first one.
6. Jared will randomly ask “Guess what?” and honestly expect you to guess until you get it right. (Or until you roll your eyes like I do. Then you get hints!)
7. The first time Jared held my hand was also the same time he kissed me for the first time. Fast mover!
8. He had never dated a girl that he had kissed first. They always kissed him first. (except me.)
9. If Jared ever hears a word he doesn’t know on TV or reads it somewhere, he does not rest until he understands it, knows who discovered it, it’s etymology and then tells me all about it, no matter what it is.
10. This makes Wikipedia one of his favorite things.
11. Jared is a compulsive flosser.
12. He always says our son is so cute he wants “to eat him!” So after playtime with Daddy, I always count fingers and toes…
13. For Jared, the calming affect of spreadsheets is really something to behold.
14. Jared catches his second wind at about 10:30 pm.
15.This is usually the time of night he decides to rearrange the kitchen or clean our bathroom top to bottom. I used to fight it, but then I realized – what am I doing?
16. When Will was born, I had a C-section, and so was out cold for his first few hours of life. Jared held William and was so sweet during this time.
17.When I woke up, he introduced us.
18. He had a spotless car until he met me. When we were in the same singles ward, I spilled 5 gallons of hot chocolate in his car. Then after we were married I turned his car into a very big, very messy purse. He never once complained either time.
19. He loves backpacking, and loves mountains and misses them both.
20. He looks good in everything he wears. No matter what it is.
21. Jared uses a Dvorak keyboard. Enough said there.
22. He has a fake laugh and a real laugh. He is sincere in both instances, but his fake laugh is more for your benefit and his real laugh is one he can’t hold in.
23. He was a totally by-the-book missionary who knew that you had to be by-the-book to work with-the-Spirit.
24. Jared will search for days to get the best deal to save a few dollars. Awesome sometimes, less awesome other times.
25. He doesn’t like sandwiches. He’d rather have 4 day old leftovers than a sandwich.
26. Before we were dating, the first time I cooked for Jared he didn’t like it.
27. Jared made us eat with plastic cutlery for 2 months while we searched for the “perfect” flatware.
28. Jared is a fantastic cook, with the patience and forethought to make things taste so good.
29. He hates commercials of any kind.
30. Jared saves me from bugs of all kinds. (although I think deep down he really doesn’t like crickets.)
31. He always thanks me for “letting him” do things or buy things. I think it’s his way of saying thank you, but I think people who hear him say it feel sorry for him that he’s married to such a controlling hag.
32. His eyesight is terrible.
33. I think he secretly acts like he likes Harry Potter just so I’ll read him the books. It is a cheap date after all!
31.When Jared is asleep, he is OUT. I mean have a full conversation with me he doesn’t remember and saying hilarious things that make no sense. Just a note to never to trust him with secrets of national security.
32. He loves The Office, Flight of the Conchords, and anything to do with NASA.
33. To this day he doesn’t like the way my engagement ring turned out, even though I love it.
34. Jared’s spanish is terrific.
35. He doesn’t like to spend money on himself but he’ll always spend it on me.
36. He has a patch of white hair on the back of his head. It appeared there sometime after his mission.
37. He loves Dave Matthews Band.
38. He is a great big brother.
39. Jared always has to remind me to take the lint out of the lint catcher on the dryer. He always reminds me what a fire hazard it is.
40. He loves it when I scratch his back.
41. He has a picture of me when I was three and a half and he keeps it in his scriptures.
42. Jared thinks our first date was to Panda Express.
43. Just when I want to snuggle up to Jared at night, he rolls over on his stomach and I get an elbow in the face.
44. After we were married, we used crystal wine goblets for 2 months while Jared looked for the perfect glasses. You haven’t had milk, til you’ve had it from crystal.
45. Because I never use them, Jared steals my hair products like gel and mousse to get the GQ look he’s got.
46. Jared always believes me.
47. He always stacks the silverware neatly in the drawer.
48. Jared is the world’s best photo red-eye reducer.
49. Whenever Jared gets a sinus headache, he is convinced he has cavities and proceeds to check his teeth out in the mirror all afternoon.
50. Jared likes it when I call him “sugar.”
51. Jared beats me in anything we do. Board games, computer games… even if he’s never played it before.
52. Almost every time Jared does the laundry, he shrinks my shirts. I think he does it on purpose so he doesn’t have to do laundry.
53. Sometimes he compliments me, like “Oh, honey, you (whatever) so well. It’s the best.” So that I will do it in the future and he won’t have to. I fell for that in the beginning. Not anymore.
54. He keeps the free envelopes you get with bills to use them for other things.
55. He’s never actually mailed anything in one.
56. He’s a great tipper.
57. Jared is left handed.
58. He has a Mac.
59. When Jared was in high school, he was voted best male vocal talent.
60. He was also in the seminary student council. (that’s a big deal in Boise I guess)
61. His Eagle project was to build a softball field by a church building.
62. When he was little, he used to build speakers.
63. When we were dating (that whole day and half) Jared’s level of PDA was a little too high for me. Apparently I got over it. 64. Jared always acts like he’s not ticklish, just annoyed if I try. But sometimes when I catch him by surprise, you can tell he’s WAY ticklish.
65. He still has his first library card.
66. Jared is always nice to my friends.
67. Jared cannot leave the house without his phone, his keys, and his wallet. Even if he’s just going to go get the mail.
68. In high school, Jared owned his own business.
69. Even though Jared grew up in the mountains, he’s never been skiing.
70. He always corrects my grammar.
71. Jared said I looked pretty even when I was pregnant and the size of a Buick.
72. Jared always helps me put Will to sleep at night.
73. He also lets me sleep in on Saturdays by taking care of Will.
74. When he was little, he wanted to be a fighter pilot.
75. He loves rock climbing.
76. Jared is the most easily side-tracked person I’ve ever met. If I lose eye contact…. It’s over.
77. He loves buying me jewelry.
78. Jared uses Fantastik for far more things than it was intended. He uses it as insecticide, dishwashing liquid and disinfectant.
79. Jared has every piece of electronic connector cord ever.
80. I think Jared could easily consume his body weight in strawberry go-gurt.
81. He worked at the MTC for a few years in college.
82. Jared has a 5 o’clock shadow at 1 in the afternoon.
83. He also cuts his fingernails almost every night.
84. Jared didn’t get to cut the cord when William was born. The C-section meant it wasn’t necessary.
85. In college, Jared lived on toast and cereal. (And not because he wasn’t taught to cook. I’ve got your back Lori!)
86. Jared has unflattering nicknames for ex-girlfriends so he would remember it was awful and not want to get back together with them.
87. Jared has a scar on his finger that he tells everyone he got in a knife fight.
88. They never believe him.
89. It’s true.
90. Whenever I’m sick, I’m always glad Jared’s around to take care of me.
91. Sometimes Jared makes lists, just because he knows I like them.
92. He passed his crooked smile on to his son. (and I couldn’t be happier!)
93. Jared loves waterfalls.
94. He can play anything on the piano.
95. He likes to slow dance in the kitchen.
96. When we were working in the nursery, the kids thought we were both named Sis. Roberts.
97. Jared changed Will’s first diaper.
98. He doesn’t fold his pants. He hangs them on hooks.
99. When Jared has spaced out and stopped listening when we’re talking, he asks a random question that he thinks will make it look like he was still paying attention. It doesn’t work.
100. Jared’s wedding ring is the coolest tungsten ring I’ve ever seen.
101. He’s a good dad, a great husband, and the best friend.

All Our Love!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Will Rolled Over!!

Will rolled over for the first time on July 26th! It's taken a few more days to get quick and now I can't stop him from doing it. Why would I want to stop him, you ask? Because he has not yet figured out how to roll back over and he won't sleep on his stomach. But as they say... Baby steps.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Texas Summer

Cool picture huh? J caught this on his phone on his way home from work. The apartment complex next to us didn't spring for a raised irrigated ditch underneath the driveway. Kinda glad ours did.

J got "welcomed" into the dental profession last week. He got his UT Scrubs and had a little ceremony where the MC announced their names and where each new student attended undergrad. Out of a class of 93 there were 13 BYU grads! Way to represent! By the time the 7th or 8th BYU guy was announced you could hear mumblings and people saying "what is that place..." His first week was fun (and cushy if you ask me hehe) although this next week has started in earnest. He's hanging though, and I know he'll do great.

He got his Mac, and I don't think I've seen him this excited since Will was born. It's an awesome computer though, and has all his textbooks uploaded.

This picture is of Jared's station at the Simulation lab. The thing hanging upside down is a head that you rotate up and affix certain types of teeth to practice drilling and all that stuff. He's pretty excited. At least he won't have to start saying "Open wide, please" yet.

Will is 5 months old! Still no rolling over completely and still no sleeping through the night but I think we're getting there. But he is my dear, dear boy and I'll take him however I can get him.

All Our Love!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Will's Newest Toy

Here is our little one on his new toy! We have so much to tell everyone with Jared starting school that I am putting together the "Post of all Posts" but I want everyone to see this because it's hilarious!

All our love!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Four Months with William

Can you believe how big this kid is getting? He's such a joy. We have lots of news since Mikail's last post (this is Jared for the first time in Roberts family blog history).

We got to hang out with Mikail's family this last month, so William got his first lesson on the drums. I think as he gets older we'll see if we can encourage him to play other (quieter) instruments. The slideshow below has some pictures of him with Jim during their experimental jam session.

Will's last visit to the doctor for his 4-month checkup went great. He now weighs 16.25 lbs and is 26" long. He doesn't mind his checkups, but after the nurse gave him his next set of immunizations (and a few more pokes in each leg) he was sure to let us know he was ready to be out of there.

William had several "firsts" this month in addition to his first music lesson. He rolled over for the first time and tried solid foods for the first time too. He took well to the new foods, and only had trouble when lunch came too close to nap time.

At the end of the slideshow there is a short video clip of William falling asleep to the music his bouncy chair plays. The first time we tried playing it for him he was out cold. The audio in the clip makes it sound a little creepy, but apparently it did the job. Click on the last image and you can see the clip in Mikail's web album. (Also, you can receive email alerts when this blog is updated by entering your email address in the blogarithm form on the left.* McAfee's SiteAdvisor says it's clean, so no spam worries :)
*Quantities limited, while supplies last

Mikail and I are doing well. Working as a personal trainer while I get ready for dental school to start in a few weeks has made it possible for me to spend a few hours at home each day with Mikail and our son. I was recently called as a ward clerk and Mikail is still working with the young women (though this week she gets a break while they all get soaked at girl's camp). We'll be sure to post any exciting developments over the coming weeks.


All our love!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We went on road trip to Dallas to visit my folks for Memorial Day weekend. While we were there, we got to go to Bryce's Eagle Court of Honor and his High School Graduation. It was a blast!

It was a quick trip up and down. We got there just in time for Bryce's Court of Honor then we went to his graduation on Memorial Day. Congrats Bryce! I have posted here a video of him walking across the stage. The quality is not great. Also, please stand back while watching it. I don't want anyone getting motion sickness.

I also have wanted to mention that we are now Financial Peace University graduates. It's a great program that gives very practical advice about money. This means that if we ever have any money... we might know what to do with it!

Will did get his official baby pictures taken and we have the order numbers for anyone who is interested. He was fantastic! All smiles and just adorable. The pictures I have posted here are low resolution for obvious copyright reasons but they give you an idea of what they look like.

We also have pool pictures finally! The weather has cleared up and so we've been to the pool a few times. The pictures don't do it justice, but he really did like it. He just isn't a fan of the sun, so when we turned his head up to look at the camera... well... just trust me. He liked it.

All our love!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Will is 3 Months!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog. We've had a blast this month seeing family and taking care of really important things like getting ready for dental school and watching "The Office" season finale. ; ) But really we have had a packed month and its because our extended families have had so much going on and we've been blessed to be there for some of it.

First, Happy Late Mother's Day to all the ladies out there whom we love so much! Mother's Day weekend we spent in Utah/Idaho for Brittney's wedding. We were a little worried about flying with little Will, but he was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous and the ceremony was great. The reception was beautiful and she was stunning. All in all, I would say a smashing success, thanks in large part to the help of Lori and Kelsey. We started the day in Lehi, Utah, drove north for the sealing at the Bountiful Temple. We then drove north the the luncheon, and then further north for the reception held in the beautiful greater metropolitan Tremonton area. ; ) We ended the day with a four hour drive north to Boise where we spent the rest of the weekend.
J and I got to go on a date while Will stayed with his grandparents and it was nice to remember that underneath it all, it's the 2 of us. Sometimes with a new baby it's hard to remember that.

Will had his first trip to the zoo this month. I included a few pictures in the slideshow, but I'm pretty certain it was not the memorable expierience for us that it will be when he can enjoy it more fully...

Other exciting notes, Bryce has finished high school and we will be attending both his graduation and his Eagle Court of Honor Memorial Day weekend. J has also (finally) finished seminary! Yea! He made it!! Will is getting his "official" baby picture taken Saturday, and if anyone wants prints we will give you the order and pose number and you can place an order online. Let us know if you're interested.

Also, my parents have decided to build a house in Austin and we are so excited for them! It looks like it's going to be an awesome place!

Well, I suppose that's it for a while. I know I promised pool pictures, but I am not kidding when I say that it has rained every single day since then. I think we might be living in a rainforest. Seriously.

Quick note, click on the slideshow to be taken to web albums where you can download the pictures. Also, you can activate captions explaining the pictures here or on the web album site.

All our love!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hey everyone! Will is 9 weeks old and we got some more video of him today. Grandma bought him a few books and we were looking at one after church. Will really likes it as you can see by clicking here. He especially liked the pages with the girls on them. It starts early I guess.
All our Love!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Will at 8 Weeks

We had a busy week! It began with Will's first baseball game which was rained out after the 7th inning stretch, but it didn't matter because he slept right through the whole thing anyway. The first few pictures on the slideshow are from J's phone, so they aren't great but you can see that on our way out to the car we got soaked. This week I was able to get more of Will's personality on camera, so you can see the many faces of Will by clicking here. On Friday Will had his 2 month shots (yikes!) and we went on our first family trip to Houston the next day for David's reception. Let's just say we won't be messing with his schedule for the next week or so. Will also had a visit from Grandpa while he was in town so he took the opportunity to show off his new moves.
This video was taken while I was on the phone with Grandma. It's not great, but it's a little glimpse into daily life with Will.
All our Love!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Easter!

Will is 7 weeks old today! Hopefully the last post worked for everyone! I am posting another slideshow here. We have great news for everyone! I have officially quit my job - YEA! J has some good news too. The UT Dental School decided to waive the classes they were saying he might have to take! Great news for our family. Other than that, we are just enjoying the beautiful weather and if it continues, we might have some pool pictures to show you next week. Remember, feel free to post comments here on the blog for everyone to see. We love hearing from you.
All our Love!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Okay folks! We are trying something new. To make this work start by clicking here. This will (should) send you to the web album I created. (crossed fingers) We've had some problems getting the pictures working with this software -so if it doesn't work for you email me or post a comment here on the blog and I'll see what I can do. All our Love!

Friday, March 30, 2007

This is Will's tribute to congratulate Bryce on his acceptance to BYU! And he looks so cute it was worth a close up!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Will takes a little while to wake up in the morning. This particular morning he had dirtied two and a half outfits so he was left in his diaper until his Momma could get her act together. He likes being in his swing until he wakes up fully.
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This is the debut of the newest home teaching companionship Bro. and Bro. Roberts!
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William's first Sunday was a success! He looked great and the girls in my YW were drooling over him. His left hand is covering up his little mini tie.
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William's first outdoor walk was on a cloudy day (he's not too keen on sunlight yet) and I think this was another instance where his eyes were shut the entire time. Cool stroller though huh?
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We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the pacifier. Neither can Will.
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This is just the cutest face! Will is all-world champ at stretching before and after naps.
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