Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to the Grind

After sharing a full summer of hot humid days here in San Antonio, the inevitable end of summer came to the Roberts family. We had so much fun, but we are also grateful to see it coming to an end. Enduring a pregnancy in the middle of a record-breaking hot summer, and a toddler that can’t be outside for too long without overheating has been quite an experience.

Jared has started working in the clinic at school. I guess it was a little nerve-wracking at first because of all the things he had to remember, but now he has hit his stride and loves each new challenge. I try to be a supportive wife and listen to each story and each new experience, but something about my pregnant stomach makes me a little queasy when he gets to talkin’ clinical. I’ll leave it at that.

I start school again on Monday and I have mixed feelings. I’m excited to start my new classes, but I have been enjoying evenings home with Jared and Will. I’m also nervous about having a baby smack in the middle of the semester, but no matter how much I worry, it’s going to happen. It’s like being strapped in a roller coaster: knowing as you’re being pulled up that first hill that there is no turning back, and it’s scary, but its going to be awesome.

Update on the pregnancy for those who have asked: (everyone else can skip this)

I am 32 weeks along and doing fine. I’m the size of a house, but luckily, not as big this time as I was at this stage with Will. My due date is October 12, but there is a good chance I’ll be delivering before that (although with my school schedule, I’d be glad if the little guy wanted to chill for a little while.) Several people have asked about my expected delivery and here is the situation: I am going to see if nature takes it’s course. If labor is going well, then we will choose a VBAC. Last time I went into labor on my own, but I felt like my epidural (which was awesome, I was a big fan) slowed my labor and created complications. So as long as I’m making it ok without any pain meds, then we’ll go that route. If not, then we will opt for a c-section. I’m not sold on “VBAC or BUST” because there really is a medical risk that I will bust. So VBAC if possible just because I’m not going to opt for major abdominal surgery. But if things get even a little dicey, or if labor is not progressing as it should, I’m hoping to avoid the “17 hour labor + 3 hours pushing = c-section anyway” situation I had last time, by just opting for the c-section. I thought I might feel cheated because I might never have the “real” labor experience, but I’ve realized, as I’ve thought and prayed about it this pregnancy, that this is my real labor experience. And for me, that’s enough.

Will is the cutest most hilarious kid these days. When he talks (which is becoming more intelligible) he sounds like he is reading madlibs. His inflection is hilarious. He’s getting better about repeating what we say, so we know he’s learning, but we have to make a concerted effort not to laugh. He’s started to pretend (a lot) when he’s playing with his toys. For instance, last Sunday I could not do anything with Will that I did not also do with his Pooh Bear. So I made a bowl of cereal for Will and had to get some food for Pooh. Pooh also needed to get dressed for church and be strapped into the car. It’s so fun to watch him develop his personality and the things he likes and dislikes. He can successfully drink from a cup and manage utensils, loves cheerios, broccoli and pizza (but nothing else with cheese on it or that’s easy to cook…) He is healthy as always, and is looking like such a big boy these days. At his last doctor’s appt, his pediatrician said that he was “built like Schwarzenegger” and we can see why. At this point I’m pretty sure he has no real idea about the baby, although we try to tell him all the time. He just looks at us like we’re crazy or fooling him. Like “a baby? in your belly? whatever.”

Here are some pictures we had taken of William shortly after his second birthday by Brian Kuntz, a family friend and our wedding photographer. Enjoy!