Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Two Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary
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It's been the most wonderful 2 years of my life! I feel so lucky to have a husband who is so loving and faithful and my best friend!

I thought I might take a moment to tell the story of how we met. It was a blog fad there for a while but I didn't take the opportunity. Excuse the long-winded story, but I feel like I need to get it written down.

Neither Jared nor I can recall the very first time we set eyes on each other. It was far from love at first sight, because we were in the same ward for a year and a half before we started dating. The first time we spoke though is very clear. Jared was my apartment's hometeacher. He and his companion/roommate did not make the greatest impression, but after a few months we got to know them better. Jared was also coming out of a relationship (which in Provo means re-entering the land of the living.) We were hanging out with different crowds, but they occasionally crossed paths so we have pictures of us doing things like Jello Slip-n-Slide and playing in the snow long before we were ever dating (or even thinking about it!)
I took a class fall of 2004 that required I have a fake boyfriend. The details are not important, it was a marriage prep class. That should explain most of it. Anyway, I culd either get a fake boyfriend (the thought of which mortified me) or I could write a paper. So I could either knock doors and as for a boyfriend or write a paper. Never before had a paper seemed so appealing. Jared was visiting our apartment more often (being the good hometeacher he was) and overheard me telling a roommate about the fake boyfriend project. He volunteered. I'd like to say the rest is history, but actually the rest, for a while at least, was a mess!
We did the project for the required time, and then...not much. We have talked about it since and I think the problem was we didn't know how to make it real. It had been fake, and that's a weird transition. For a while we went our seperate ways - still hanging out pretty often, but always in groups. He started dating other people, I started dating other people and it looked for a while like it would only ever be fake.
A few weeks before finals, Jared start to hang out at our place A LOT more. And when I say A LOT - I mean he might as well have spent the night. He was friends with all of us but it seemed different. We did a few things together just the two of us, seemingly on accident, and I had a great time. He was dating someone though, so I didn't push it or talk about it.
Then one day he let me know that he wasn't dating anyone anymore. The next few days the mess resolved itself. I went home for Christmas and while we were apart we realized that we didn't want to be apart anymore. I flew back to Provo early for New Years and that night we had the "if we were to get married, when would that be" discussion. There were a few glitches because I had already committed to be in Washington DC all summer, but he was wonderfully supportive. We got married 2 weeks after I came home and we've never been a night apart since.
Looking back on the time we were friends then fake dated then were friends again, then really just pretty much got engaged, I am so happy with how it turned out. I'm so lucky that I was such good friends with Jared before we ever even thought of each other romantically. We saw each other through breakups and new relationships, through finals and other stressing situations. We knew how to have fun together and we had a bunch of friends that we will probably be close to forever! I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with him and face everything life brings us - hand in hand!

All Our Love!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will is 6 Months Old!

Six happy months with the cutest boy, are we lucky. This month we had quite a few firsts. Will rolled over, then back over. He cut his first tooth Aug 11th and then another today actually. He has also started making "ba-ba-ba" sounds which is so cute. Solid foods are a big "swing-and-a-miss." Will could not be less interested, so we'll see how that goes this next month. At his doctor's appointment today he was 19 lbs. 1 oz. and a marvelous 31 in. long!
Last night for the FIRST time ever... Will slept through the night! It was truly a miracle. Getting up three times a night for 7 months (Will's 6 months plus the last one from my pregnancy) is a bit much for me. I know of moms who do it for like 20 years and never complain and they love it, but I don't. I love my son, but I will be able to love him so much more when I'm not seeing double.
Anyway, click here for the pictures from this month. I usually try to pick out a few, but this month it ballooned into over 50 pictures, so I won't put them in a slideshow. Also, I'm attaching the captions to explain the pictures. If for some reason you don't see them click the "hide captions" button twice (it's a lovely little glitch). Hope to hear from you all, and please feel free to leave your comments!
All Our Love!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

101 Things You May Not Know About Jared

Because our anniversary is coming up, and because I was inspired by another's idea, I've decided to help everyone get to know Jared a little better. This is an incredibly long post, so please be warned. Yes, I did come up with 101 things about Jared, and I know as soon as I post this I'll come up with more that are better, but we'll just have to save those for next year! Jared has already seen all these and had line-item veto power (which he did not exercise.) Hopefully you will learn a few things about Jared and why I love him so much!

1. He got a 33 on his ACT and was really disappointed with himself. He wanted a 36.
2. He constantly asks me questions, for which I could not possibly know the answers. For instance “what’s going to happen now?” in a movie neither of us has seen.
3. Jared says the first time he thought I was cute it was because of the shoes I was wearing.
4. He won’t let me throw those ratty old shoes out. He even had his sister mail them back to us when I left them at her house accidentally. (so embarrassing)
5. He sets two alarms with no real intention of getting up to the first one.
6. Jared will randomly ask “Guess what?” and honestly expect you to guess until you get it right. (Or until you roll your eyes like I do. Then you get hints!)
7. The first time Jared held my hand was also the same time he kissed me for the first time. Fast mover!
8. He had never dated a girl that he had kissed first. They always kissed him first. (except me.)
9. If Jared ever hears a word he doesn’t know on TV or reads it somewhere, he does not rest until he understands it, knows who discovered it, it’s etymology and then tells me all about it, no matter what it is.
10. This makes Wikipedia one of his favorite things.
11. Jared is a compulsive flosser.
12. He always says our son is so cute he wants “to eat him!” So after playtime with Daddy, I always count fingers and toes…
13. For Jared, the calming affect of spreadsheets is really something to behold.
14. Jared catches his second wind at about 10:30 pm.
15.This is usually the time of night he decides to rearrange the kitchen or clean our bathroom top to bottom. I used to fight it, but then I realized – what am I doing?
16. When Will was born, I had a C-section, and so was out cold for his first few hours of life. Jared held William and was so sweet during this time.
17.When I woke up, he introduced us.
18. He had a spotless car until he met me. When we were in the same singles ward, I spilled 5 gallons of hot chocolate in his car. Then after we were married I turned his car into a very big, very messy purse. He never once complained either time.
19. He loves backpacking, and loves mountains and misses them both.
20. He looks good in everything he wears. No matter what it is.
21. Jared uses a Dvorak keyboard. Enough said there.
22. He has a fake laugh and a real laugh. He is sincere in both instances, but his fake laugh is more for your benefit and his real laugh is one he can’t hold in.
23. He was a totally by-the-book missionary who knew that you had to be by-the-book to work with-the-Spirit.
24. Jared will search for days to get the best deal to save a few dollars. Awesome sometimes, less awesome other times.
25. He doesn’t like sandwiches. He’d rather have 4 day old leftovers than a sandwich.
26. Before we were dating, the first time I cooked for Jared he didn’t like it.
27. Jared made us eat with plastic cutlery for 2 months while we searched for the “perfect” flatware.
28. Jared is a fantastic cook, with the patience and forethought to make things taste so good.
29. He hates commercials of any kind.
30. Jared saves me from bugs of all kinds. (although I think deep down he really doesn’t like crickets.)
31. He always thanks me for “letting him” do things or buy things. I think it’s his way of saying thank you, but I think people who hear him say it feel sorry for him that he’s married to such a controlling hag.
32. His eyesight is terrible.
33. I think he secretly acts like he likes Harry Potter just so I’ll read him the books. It is a cheap date after all!
31.When Jared is asleep, he is OUT. I mean have a full conversation with me he doesn’t remember and saying hilarious things that make no sense. Just a note to never to trust him with secrets of national security.
32. He loves The Office, Flight of the Conchords, and anything to do with NASA.
33. To this day he doesn’t like the way my engagement ring turned out, even though I love it.
34. Jared’s spanish is terrific.
35. He doesn’t like to spend money on himself but he’ll always spend it on me.
36. He has a patch of white hair on the back of his head. It appeared there sometime after his mission.
37. He loves Dave Matthews Band.
38. He is a great big brother.
39. Jared always has to remind me to take the lint out of the lint catcher on the dryer. He always reminds me what a fire hazard it is.
40. He loves it when I scratch his back.
41. He has a picture of me when I was three and a half and he keeps it in his scriptures.
42. Jared thinks our first date was to Panda Express.
43. Just when I want to snuggle up to Jared at night, he rolls over on his stomach and I get an elbow in the face.
44. After we were married, we used crystal wine goblets for 2 months while Jared looked for the perfect glasses. You haven’t had milk, til you’ve had it from crystal.
45. Because I never use them, Jared steals my hair products like gel and mousse to get the GQ look he’s got.
46. Jared always believes me.
47. He always stacks the silverware neatly in the drawer.
48. Jared is the world’s best photo red-eye reducer.
49. Whenever Jared gets a sinus headache, he is convinced he has cavities and proceeds to check his teeth out in the mirror all afternoon.
50. Jared likes it when I call him “sugar.”
51. Jared beats me in anything we do. Board games, computer games… even if he’s never played it before.
52. Almost every time Jared does the laundry, he shrinks my shirts. I think he does it on purpose so he doesn’t have to do laundry.
53. Sometimes he compliments me, like “Oh, honey, you (whatever) so well. It’s the best.” So that I will do it in the future and he won’t have to. I fell for that in the beginning. Not anymore.
54. He keeps the free envelopes you get with bills to use them for other things.
55. He’s never actually mailed anything in one.
56. He’s a great tipper.
57. Jared is left handed.
58. He has a Mac.
59. When Jared was in high school, he was voted best male vocal talent.
60. He was also in the seminary student council. (that’s a big deal in Boise I guess)
61. His Eagle project was to build a softball field by a church building.
62. When he was little, he used to build speakers.
63. When we were dating (that whole day and half) Jared’s level of PDA was a little too high for me. Apparently I got over it. 64. Jared always acts like he’s not ticklish, just annoyed if I try. But sometimes when I catch him by surprise, you can tell he’s WAY ticklish.
65. He still has his first library card.
66. Jared is always nice to my friends.
67. Jared cannot leave the house without his phone, his keys, and his wallet. Even if he’s just going to go get the mail.
68. In high school, Jared owned his own business.
69. Even though Jared grew up in the mountains, he’s never been skiing.
70. He always corrects my grammar.
71. Jared said I looked pretty even when I was pregnant and the size of a Buick.
72. Jared always helps me put Will to sleep at night.
73. He also lets me sleep in on Saturdays by taking care of Will.
74. When he was little, he wanted to be a fighter pilot.
75. He loves rock climbing.
76. Jared is the most easily side-tracked person I’ve ever met. If I lose eye contact…. It’s over.
77. He loves buying me jewelry.
78. Jared uses Fantastik for far more things than it was intended. He uses it as insecticide, dishwashing liquid and disinfectant.
79. Jared has every piece of electronic connector cord ever.
80. I think Jared could easily consume his body weight in strawberry go-gurt.
81. He worked at the MTC for a few years in college.
82. Jared has a 5 o’clock shadow at 1 in the afternoon.
83. He also cuts his fingernails almost every night.
84. Jared didn’t get to cut the cord when William was born. The C-section meant it wasn’t necessary.
85. In college, Jared lived on toast and cereal. (And not because he wasn’t taught to cook. I’ve got your back Lori!)
86. Jared has unflattering nicknames for ex-girlfriends so he would remember it was awful and not want to get back together with them.
87. Jared has a scar on his finger that he tells everyone he got in a knife fight.
88. They never believe him.
89. It’s true.
90. Whenever I’m sick, I’m always glad Jared’s around to take care of me.
91. Sometimes Jared makes lists, just because he knows I like them.
92. He passed his crooked smile on to his son. (and I couldn’t be happier!)
93. Jared loves waterfalls.
94. He can play anything on the piano.
95. He likes to slow dance in the kitchen.
96. When we were working in the nursery, the kids thought we were both named Sis. Roberts.
97. Jared changed Will’s first diaper.
98. He doesn’t fold his pants. He hangs them on hooks.
99. When Jared has spaced out and stopped listening when we’re talking, he asks a random question that he thinks will make it look like he was still paying attention. It doesn’t work.
100. Jared’s wedding ring is the coolest tungsten ring I’ve ever seen.
101. He’s a good dad, a great husband, and the best friend.

All Our Love!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Will Rolled Over!!

Will rolled over for the first time on July 26th! It's taken a few more days to get quick and now I can't stop him from doing it. Why would I want to stop him, you ask? Because he has not yet figured out how to roll back over and he won't sleep on his stomach. But as they say... Baby steps.