Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not the Summer ReCap

The Summer Recap blog post is coming soon. I just wanted to give you a taste of our little guy. Lately when we try to take a picture of Will, when the red-eye reducing light comes on, this is the face we get:

Sweet huh?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So Jared and I have been doing lots of sorting and throwing away since we've moved into our new place. It's lots more room than we had before, but we were using time we had this summer to organize and prepare for what is beginning to look like a rough year for both of us. Most of you don't know the circumstances of our previous moves, and I'll spare you the details. The prescient point is that we have not had time to do a serious purge since before we were married. And we've moved a few times since then. This means we were carrying around a lot of dead weight. Jared and I were having a good laugh at the silly things we had kept...and moved... several times.

I'll go first. This is a cell phone. Or it was. This was the phone I had when were engaged. It didn't survive my internship. Jared could not believe that I'd kept it for so long. Why would I keep a broken phone that has no prayer of ever being repaired? In my defense, I kept it because I'd heard that people can steal your identity from the information they find still stored on your phone. But all they would have found on my phone was Jared's number.

Next we have Jared's contribution of misfits. His is more like a category. Old Electronics. Because he is breathtakingly brilliant, he has pieced together things for us. Like for instance... laptops. We each had a few older laptops, and he would fix something when it broke, by taking parts from other laptops. We were left with a veritable junkyard of old electronics. Connections and cords, and circuitry, oh my! Featured here is some laptop carnage and the old stereo from his car that is a tape deck. Ever going to use that again?... I don't think so.

And last but not least... the true pièce de résistance is this baby. No don't adjust your computer screen. You're looking at it. A huge Tigger drinking cup complete with accordion straw and cap. This amazing specimen stands roughly 12" tall and holds about a bladder's worth of liquid. No idea where I got this. An amusement park probably? But when did I think I would actually say to myself..."I need a vessel for drinking that is too bulky for any cupholder on the planet and yet still will make me look silly even if I'm holding a child.... I know! My Tigger cup!" What on earth was I thinking moving that thing 5, 6 (or maybe even more) times.
Little by little we are creating our own little house of order. We still have a some more to do, but we have made the bulk of the Goodwill trips already. That's all for now. I'm going to post our pictures of our trip and give a recap of mission calls, broken toes, moving, vacations, and broken air conditioners.
All Our Love