Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Great Butterfly Send-Off of 2010

We did it! And we didn't even kill any during the whole process. Here is the video. Please pardon the homeless look Will has going on. He needs a haricut. (Man - I feel like I'm saying that every other day.)

I won't bore you with the first video. I was hoping for a "white dove" effect - you know - open it up and out they majestically fly. I guess butterflies are not that smart because we opened it and they didn't budge. So I pulled out their food plate and then some flew off. Then this video started and Will was a little upset that they left. But when he talks to them isn't it so cute?

Then I got a picture of Wes watching the whole thing. He is adorable.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yes That's Right - We've Got Butterflies

Here - William is asking me if I can see the " provocus" (he means proboscis. Its the long nose/tongue thing that butterflies use to eat.)

We had some larvae (caterpillars) sent to us by mail. We watched them grow them hang themselves upside down and form chrysalides. The it was a boring week while they did nothing. Well, nothing we could see anyway. Then they came out! And we loved it. We now have 5 butterflies we'll watch for a few more days then (if the rain ever stops) we'll set them free outside.

This has been fun for me and Will. Jared has not been around much because school has been nuts. So we have distracted ourselves with nature in the dining room. I couldn't get any good pictures through the mesh habitat but believe me. There are 5 butterflies in there.

Next: Tadpoles!